Moving Hours*

by Kevin Sombart

William A. Tao & Associates, Inc.


I discovered an issue when moving hours from one invoice group to a different invoice group.  After moving the hours, they were showing on the Snapshot report, but not appearing in the correct invoice group on the Manage Client Invoices screen or on the draft invoice for the new invoice group.


Using the below screen shot from the sample data and assuming hours are being moved from the Main Contract, Construction Documentation (CD) phase to the Additional Services, Scope Expansion phase, here is how to resolve the issue.

1.       Move the selected hours from the CD phase to Scope Expansion as you normally would using Manage Client Invoices.

2.       After moving the hours, use the up arrow to move the Scope Expansion phase into the Main Contract Invoice group and Save.

3.       Using the down arrow, move the Scope Expansion phase back into the Additional Services Invoice group and Save.


The hours should now properly be reflected on the correct invoice (Scope Expansion) in the Additional Services Invoice group.


*This issue should be fixed with the 7.8 upgrade. If you have not upgraded yet, this work-around should work for you.