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Axium Users Association, known as AUA, is the independent learning and support organization for companies using Axium software. Founded in 1975 by users for users, AUA is a unique, invaluable networking opportunity. Whether your company has 1 or 1,000 employees, everyone benefits from your single, low-cost company membership in Axium Users Association. Scroll down and we’ll show you why.


The AUA National Conference

Lectures, in-depth workshops, hands-on lab classes, and one-on-one assistance make the annual AUA National Conference an unmatched learning and networking experience. Expert users, certified consultants, and Axium staff lead the educational sessions and offer one-to-one problem-solving. No matter what your level of expertise, AUA's National Conference has something for you. You will get everything from the basics to the more advanced refinements. Best of all, you will meet other users who share your everyday business challenges.

AUA's web site is full of easy-to-access news and events, online help, tips and tricks and other information you need on a daily basis. AUA's online resource library contains custom inquiry designs you can download for free. The user-to-user helpline connects you with a volunteer expert user to assist you with your software challenges. Our Linkedin page offers a place to post your questions, answers, tips and tricks.  See what other users, like you, are challenged with and how they resolve their issues.


Each month receive an email from AUA with a new custom inquiry design, informative article, or tips & tricks.

The Power to Network

AUA makes the exchange of software information and networking happen conveniently and cost-effectively. Every AUA program and service helps you increase the depth and breadth of your software skills by tapping into the expertise of other users. Thanks to AUA, every Ajera user in your company will become a more powerful user. Many of our members further their knowledge and expand their networking opportunities by participating in AUA programs and services. We welcome you to be part of an AUA committee, write articles, send in your tips & tricks, or lead a class at the AUA National Conference.



Membership Dues

  • $275 per company annually.