AUA Awards Program

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AUA Awards Program


Summary of Program


The Axium Users Association knows that the best way to say "thank you" to our members is to offer a choice of rewards for spending their own time, energy and efforts to improve the services offered to the users association.


Our program offers you the opportunity to earn service points from a wide array of activities covering most opportunities for service offered by AUA.  We will try to keep our awards updated to allow you to apply your service points to the most recent in award offerings.


In order to be member of the program, you must earn 2,000 service points. Active members will quarterly receive a statement that details your service points earned for activities performed.


Official Rules & Member Responsibilities


Eligibility for AUA Awards includes all persons eligible for membership in the Axium Users Association.  Any "member in good standing" is eligible to earn service points.  (Administrative staff is not eligible for this program.)  Service Points are earned after completing the service activity.  No retroactive credit will be allowed.  AUA administrative staff will accumulate your Service Points automatically when you have completed activity requirements.


You will receive a statement at the end of each calendar quarter.  The statement will show your service activity and will automatically be converted to AUA Awards.  Service Points are converted at the rate of 30 Awards per 1,000 Service Points.  Service Points and Awards are not transferable to other members of the users association.  AUA Awards have no cash value.


At no time may Service Points or Awards be purchased, sold, or bartered.  Any such points or awards are void if transferred for cash or other consideration. Service Points will not be re-instated for unused AUA Awards. Awards are valid for three (3) years, including the year earned (e.g., Awards issued in 2011 expire 12/31/2013).


AUA Awards may be redeemed at any time to purchase items from the following Schedule of Awards. No cash or cash/Awards combination is allowed. Contact the AUA administrative office for information and pricing prior to redemption.


The Axium Users Association reserves the right to cancel or modify any gift, or increase the redemption value required for any gift with or without notice. The Axium Users Association has the right to terminate the AUA Awards Program at any time and will assume no liability for any issued AUA Awards outstanding at the time of termination.



Schedule of Service Points


The table below summarizes the current point earnings based and the services provided to/for the AUA membership. These point assignments are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors and can be altered at any time.


Service Activity For The Membership

Service Points Earned

AUA Awards

Session Leader

    3500 pts./class

105 Awards

Panel Member

    2000 pts./class

60 Awards

Open Computer Lab Volunteer

    1000 pts.

30 Awards

Session Administrative Assistant

·         Distribute class materials

·         Collect class evaluations

·         Operate computer while Session Leader teaches


 500 pts.


15 Awards

Lab Assistant

·         Assists participants during a lab class

·         May teach part of the session

·         Maximum of One Assistant per 10 participants


    1000 pts.


30 Awards

Committee Chair Leadership

350/month & 500 per call

77 Awards/quarter

(assuming 3 calls)

Committee Member

300 per call

27 Awards

(assuming 3 calls)

User to User Response

400 per response

12 Awards

Local Chapter Coordinator

1500 per function

45 Awards

Newsletter Article Submission & Publication

2000 per article

60 Awards

Report Designs Submitted Electronically

400 per design

12 Awards

Membership Referral

1000 per referral

30 Awards


Schedule of Awards 

Gift Certificates

AUA Awards

Sears – $50.00 Gift Certificate - Quill, page 56


J.C. Penney - $50.00 Gift Certificate - Quill, page 57


Target - $50.00 Gift Certificate - Quill, page R

170 - $50.00 Gift Certificate


AUA Services

AUA Awards

AUA Membership Dues - Use your AUA Awards to renew your AUA membership


AUA National Conference Fees -  Attend the AUA National Conference and use your AUA Awards to pay the registration fees

Call AUA office

for pricing