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2009 HourGlass Issues

March/April: What is AUA and What Makes Us Special; How Do You Know What Fields to Put In a Report; 2009 Axium Users Association National Conference & Workshops; Printing a Vendor Account Number on a Vendor Check; Make Canned Reports Suit Your Needs; Find and Share Helpful Reports at AUAonline; The Impact of the COBRA/Continuation Subsidy In the New U.S. Economic Stimulus Package; Axium Named One of the Best Companies to Work for in Oregon

2008 HourGlass Issues 

January/February: 2007 Attendees Have Their Say; The Benefits of Ajera Keep Adding Up: Now You Can Add Finance Charges; Mark Your Calendar; When the Blue Moon Shines, You Can Adjust Invoice Amounts; WIP Tips & Tricks; iTime & Expense Server Configuration for Novell Networks; Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 2008 AUA Conference; Report Designer Tips & Tricks Useful Prompt Windows

March/April: Tips To Make the Most Of Your Conference Lab Time; Ajera Tips For Viewing Invoices;Your Business Will Survive Disaster If You Start Planning For It Now

June/July: Zero Invoices: A Better Way to Manage WIP; Part 1: What Is the IS Dashboard?; When AP Invoice Changes Are Needed, You Need Only to Follow These Steps; Button Up Your Knowledge of Reconcile in Cash Management 

2007 HourGlass Issues 

January: 2007 Axium Users Association Conference; This Report and More Are Yours at AUA’s Free Resource Library; Axium Releases the New PORTFOLIO That Improves Ajera’s Functionality; Intercompany Accounts In Accounts Receivable; 2007 AUA National Conference Workshop and Session Descriptions; Report Designer Tip of the Month

February: The Four Keys to a Profitable Company; Intercompany Entries In Payroll; Use AR Correspondence to Track Clients, Contacts and Contracts; Weekly Edit List Report Will Help Reduce the Need for Bill Corrections

April/May: Go Rom Quote to Budget with Details You Need by Employee and by Hour; You—Yes, You—Are an Expert,And You Can Write for The HourGlass ; IdeaS, Ideas and More Ideas; Reports and Inquiries When Project Managers Need Them; Report Designer Tips and Tricks; Ajera – Payroll Variance .................

June/July: Importance of Timesheets; Reports and Inquiries For Groups and Individuals Who Need Them; WOW, Exceptional, Success, and What an Experience are Just Some Words of Praise for AUA’s Conference; Associated Project Costs; History in the Making? Put Archived Records In the Formats You’ll Be Able to Access Later

August/September: How Do You Know Which Fields to Put in a Report?; Enjoy the security of Printing Reports Through Information Systems; Solutions From Five AUA Members: Get What You Need for Project Information; This Handy Form Provides Info Needed to Assign a Project Number Intranet is a Place to Put Your Online Setup Sheets; Use Excel to Set Up Your Info Sheet; Here’s a Form Your Company May Adapt for the Proposal and Contract Tracking ..............

November/December : IRS Record Retention In the Computer Age; Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink…Until Now; Versatile Protrax Allows You to Handle Employee Reimbursables Through Paychecks; Enjoy the Security of Printing Reports Through Information Systems;Try Practicing These Best Practices For Several of Your Protrax Modules